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Totally Immune 1-2 Punch Guided Immune Meditation- 


In 7 minutes you can be calm, clear and give your immune system support. 1 min of deep breaths, followed by 4 mins of immune meditation.  

It is well documented that breathing at 6 breaths per minute puts a break on your stress fight-flight system and switches ON your calm "Vagus" system.  Affirmations and Visualizations are also shown to increase immune function, positivity and focus.

Totally Immune- Remove Stress Immune Meditation-


Chronic stress is a HUGE immune suppressor. Totally Immune meditations switch OFF your stress fight-flight system and switch ON your calm clear "vagus" state. Immunity is most effective in your vagus state.


In 7 minutes you will be Calm Clear & your most Immune using 1 min of heart rate variability breath training and a guided immune meditation with binaural beats and alpha brain wave sounds.

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