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Me, Only Better.: How To Create ONE Habit That Will Change Your Life.

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Habit. I don’t even like the word. Am I the only one here? It’s one of those words that conjure thoughts of failure and hardship.

In fact, new habits are probably one of the most failed endeavors you can try. Do a search on Amazon or Google on creating habits that stick and you will find a sea of books, websites, videos, articles and tips to achieve a goal that has an 80% failure rate.

I discovered these stats when I decided to take a challenge that James Altucher posed to his readers. Write a book on habits. He happens to like the subject and it sounded like an aligned topic for Totally Immune.

Totally Immune is a habit. And habits are HARD. Except maybe bad habits, those seem pretty easy.

Why wouldn't logic prevail? If you KNOW that eating right, sleeping 8 hours a day, and exercising would make your life much better then why wouldn’t you just do those things? If you KNOW drinking too much, smoking and eating a bunch of fast food is deadly WHY would you do it?

The simple answer is that it’s more fun to do “bad” things. It’s hard to play the long game. From a logical point of view this is true. And from a brain-neuroscience point of view it’s also true.

Have I failed at habits? Hell yeah. I’ve succeeded too. Most people that know me, THINK I am super disciplined. The illusion is also backed with the habits that were ingrained in me early on. The type of habits that books are written about like diet and exercise. I just happened to get parents that conditioned this behavior. New habits? I’m in the same boat as everyone else.

But where to start? So many books, and they keep coming, including mine. How can I differentiate what is already out there?

First questions, why do we fail and what are the winners doing? I interviewed experts in neuroscience to understand the brain part of habits, since habits are neural networks that are trained in our brains. Wow. Not only did I find out why we fail (it’s a brain thing) but I also discovered how to train the brain in a fun and painless manner. And that answered both my questions.

Now I had winning information. I distilled what is needed to know about your brain and habits. I included an interactive personalized brain map to create lasting habits. And best of all, I created the habit of writing for myself.

This book is about YOU generating one habit that sticks. And once you own the formula to creating ONE sustainable habit, you can rewire your brain to be who you want to be.

Available on Amazon.

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