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  • Jennifer Frankin

Can You Really “Boost” Your Immune System?

No. But you can support it. You can nudge it. You can improve it. You can NOT suppress it.

Your immune system has 2 levels of defense, Internal and External. Your external line of defense is skin, mucous membrane and nasal hair. Internally, you have a variety of cells, bone marrow and organs.

Your immune system is always hard at work fighting viruses, infections, germs, bacteria and anything unfamiliar to your human body. It’s a tough 24-7 job.

Most of the time your immune system prevails, and you remain healthy. When you do get sick, it is simply overwhelmed and loses the battle. Nobody wants to get sick, but it’s fair to say that it’s inevitable. At the very least colds and flu will be part of our lives. Perhaps coronavirus is here to stay as well.

But you can “influence” your immune system. And you can certainly avoid immune suppressing activities. That’s what I mean, when I say Take Back Your Power. Totally Immune is about empowering you with tools, information and actions to support your immunity.

Most systems in your body operate on thresholds. Your neurons fire on thresholds, your fight-flight system fires on thresholds, your blood pressure and all your organs function on thresholds.

What about the brain? Decision making, cognition, memory, and speech. All these functions are determined by thresholds.

Consider your temper. What actually happens when you finally “lose it?” It’s a buildup of irritating factors until one thing tips the scales, the threshold is met and anger proceeds.

Your immune system is similar. Your immunity is constantly in flux and the goal is to keep the scales tipped in your favor. This is where small actions add up to keeping your immune system at full function and thresholds in your favor.

Almost all my tips and actions are low tech and can be done anytime. They are free and they work. They nudge your thresholds to have the best immunity possible.

The Totally Immune 1-2 Punch is the most effective and simple way to switch your body into a calm & flexible (Vagus) state immediately. Your immune system is most functional and powerful in your Vagus state.

The Totally Immune 1-2 Punch:

1. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training - Simple. Easy. Immediate benefit that you can feel and lasts for hours. High HRV is linked to greater resilience, recovery from stress & illness, fitness and overall health.

2. Totally Immune Actions- Affirmations & Visualizations targeted to create positivity, power and influence in your brain & body. Science tells us affirmations and visualizations are measurably effective in nudging positivity and calm, which of course, is immune supportive.

You can use the Totally Immune Breathing Tool to switch off your stress and switch on your Vagus. 3 minutes of breathing at 6 breaths per minute puts you in the perfect position to use the Totally Immune actions, Remove, Install, Connect.

You can also utilize our free guided immune meditations. Each targeted meditation begins with 1 min of breathing at 6 breaths per minute, followed by guided immune actions.

Our immune meditations use nature visuals and science-based sounds to further soothe your brain and body to receive targeted immune actions.

In 7 minutes, you can activate your Calm Clear State (Vagus) and give your immune system the support it needs to fight viruses, infections and bacteria.

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